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Diabetes Info

State of Diabetes to-day : Maximum number of diabetics are mostly found in developing countries. In the next 25 years the percentage of diabetics may go up to 50%.In India there are about 3.5 crores of diabetics to-day. They form one fifth of the world diabetics. In 2030, it has been calculated that the number of diabetic patients may reach an astounding number about 80 crores.

In a year 3.2 crore diabetics die at the world level. Due to diabetic complications a person die in one minute, giving a statistic total of 8700 diabetics dying in a day. People with type II diabetes were able to live a little longer then the type of I diabetics if they followed a strict diet regimen. Proper, well planned food, taken at the proper time can be said to be the first medicine for the diabetics to keep their diabetes under control.

If they could make slight changes in their food habits, they can easily eat the same food in their family. There is no need for separate cooking of foods for the diabetics. Generally it is enough if the diabetics eat food containing enough starch, enough protein, with very little fat and food rich In fibers. It is enough if the salt and oil used in cooking food are reduced to minimum.

What is fibre?

During the process of digestion a thread-like vegetable matter left over is called fibre. This fibre is found only in the vegetarian food only. Uses of fibre : Increases the action of insulin in the cell. By the intake of food rich in fibres body weight can be reduced. Causes of the intestine can be prevented.

Fibres prevent the mingling of the bile and fat with the circulation of blood. Any disease of the blood can be prevented by the fibres which convert harmful matter into excretory matter. When a little fibrous food is eaten it gives mental satisfaction of having eaten well.

From fibrous foods we get vitamins and minerals. Fibers increase the activity of the bowl movement of the intestine. Fibrous foods: All pulses, greens, whole grams and in certain varieties of fruits fibers can be found in plenty. Food Restriction

Food habits to be observed by diabetics:

> The type of food they take.
> The amount of food taken.
> Spacing of time between foods taken.


The types of food taken: Why are the diabetics restricted from eating rice? : It is a wrong notation to believe that diabetics must eat only wheat products. Intake of wheat and ragi is not treatment for diabetes. wheat and ragi also should be eaten in a restricted way. The calories derived from rice, wheat and ragi are almost the same. 100 grams of rice = 341 calories 100 grams of ragi = 342 calories 100 grams of wheat = 346calories

Edible foods : Cereals, pulses, grains, vegetables and fruits and when blood sugar is under control, fruits like apple, orange, guava, pomegranate, papaya, watermelon can be taken.

Foods to be avoided : Varieties of sweets, cool drinks, fruit juices, tender coconut, horlicks, boost, badam, pistha, cashewnuts, groundnuts, varieties of tubers, carrot, beetroot, fruits like mango, sapotta, pineapple, banana, grapes, deep-fried edibles, bakery items, any type of liquid foods like ragi porridge must be avoided completely

The energy used by each individual differs from individual to individual as expenditure of energy depends on the type of work which differs from individual to individual. Food intake must correspondent with the amount of energy spent every day.

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